Our Story


At Khoob Designs we challenge the current market for Asian clothing. We believe in being the change that Asian women want to see. Our aim is to help you find the perfect outfit for every occasion.

The next time you ask “What shall I wear?”….we say “Wear what you love!”….Love KHOOB

Khoob Designs is about:

  • Providing the Latest Fashion
  • At the Highest Quality
  • For the Best Price
  • At your Convenience


“Many girls tell me about the struggle they encounter whilst shopping for good quality fashionable Asian outfits.” 

We found that most women ended up dedicating a full weekend travelling to hotspots like Wembley, Birmingham and Leicester to explore what’s out there.

The feedback would always be the same – ridiculous price tags, draining bargaining, the same old outfits everywhere…and then of course the dodgy zips that break the moment you get home!

What we do for you…

Khoob Designs is all about embracing our culture and helping you find the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion.

We have an exclusive selection of “one off” Designer outfits, hand picked by a team of fashionistas that work very hard to find high quality, stylish outfits that are a little bit different from other shops, but all at affordable prices.

We have a soft spot for unique designers from around the world. But most importantly if it looks beautiful and fits fantastically we just have to buy it!

We update our stock frequently with new pieces arriving every week, so there will always be a good excuse to visit.

Where it began…

With wedding season in full swing, I knew I needed some great new outfits! The online shopping market was booming…Top Designs for a fraction of the price – Wow it sounded too good to be true!

I realised that the outfits were coming from India or Pakistan and would take at least 3 weeks to arrive and I would have to measure every inch of my body to get the right size. Well £65 for a Designer outfit had to be worth it!

SO, I chose this:i chose this

8 disappointing weeks later I received this:

i received this

We all love convenience and most of us do enjoy online shopping, but sometimes we’re scared to fork out in case the item doesn’t end up being what we wanted. I never got a refund even after messaging the sellers on several occasions.

This was the final excuse to launch KHOOB DESIGNS.

How we are different…

Every item is personally and individually selected by stylists. The fabrics, durability, zips and designs are fully quality checked. All items are stored carefully with full length covers to protect the fabrics and detail.



We understand that buying outfits online can feel like a bit of a gamble sometimes. Models and photoshop are consistently being overly used within the market.

“I have experienced all of these problems first hand which has encouraged me to fill in the gaps which were being missed and create something different.”

We do what others don’t do!  – We invest a lot of time and effort in providing you with detailed images showcasing the true beauty, real colours and unique design of the outfits. Each item is carefully sized using the standard UK Size Guidelines to ensure that our outfits fit your requirements.

We are able to somewhat recreate the same experience you would encounter whilst buying at a shop. You can see different angles and close ups of each outfit – well enough for you to see exactly what you will be receiving!

That is why we are so confident to promise you that “What You See Is What You Get!”

We update our stock frequently with new pieces arriving every week, so there will always a good excuse to visit us!

So the next time you ask “What shall I wear?”….we say “Wear what you love!”….Love KHOOB

     Our promise to you…

  • What you see is what you will get
  • The quality will exceed your expectations
  • If for any reason you are not happy with the item we will offer you a no fuss full refund within 14 days (see T&C’s)

Enjoy our friendly online shop, and we hope you will love our products as much as we do!